Eighth Share: 30-35 lbs - Initial Deposit Only
Eighth Share: 30-35 lbs - Initial Deposit Only
Eighth Share: 30-35 lbs - Initial Deposit Only

Eighth Share: 30-35 lbs - Initial Deposit Only

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30-35 lbs of 100% grass-finished beef raised on regenerative land practices

DEPOSIT: Only $257 Due Today
TOTAL: $566-$661
PRICE/LB: $18.87/lb with FREE SHIPPING

This deposit is essential for us to get started raising your beef. It helps cover the labor, time, and upfront costs necessary to raise beef the right way. Because of this investment, the *deposit is non-refundable* Thank you for making this system possible!

Final payment will be invoiced to you right before your beef ships out. 

Great size to get started or for singles/couples who don't eat meat all the time.

1/8 Beef is the perfect share for trying out all our different cuts or topping off your at-home beef supply. (If you don’t have room for a chest freezer. Make sure you make plenty of space in your kitchen freezer!) If you don’t eat that much meat, this is a great way to taste test our beef. But just a warning, you'll wish you ordered more!

Our cattle are 100% Texas-raised and eat an unsurpassed variety of forage. Through ultra high-density regenerative land practices, our cows moves to fresh pastures daily 2-4 times a day. 

  • Single-animal share (all your cuts come from the animal share you own

  • Pasture-raised and grass-finished

  • Animals managed in a way that improves soil health

Our beef is vacuum-sealed to maintain freshness for at least 1 year. An eighth share will fit in a 1.75 cubic ft. freezer (like the freezer already in your kitchen) and feed a single person, one meal per week for about 3-6 months. 

*Keep in mind, every cow is a little different so we may have to make substitutions with a cut of equal or greater value. We always make sure every single share is at least the stated weight.