Give people a taste of connection – just the way mama nature intended.
Reunion with nature and ourselves is the effortless result of living with the land. We want our customers to taste and feel this connection in themselves through our beef. We do this by keeping things simple. Just as mama nature intended.
Heaven Lies in The Simple Things
Fire & Salt was born out of a memory. As simple as it is special, one bright Sunday morning when Hobbs was knee-high to a grasshopper, he and his grandfather, John W. Hobbs, drove around their ancestral land while his grandmother was at church. Bouncing across the pasture in his ‘89 Chevy Cheyenne pickup, John slowed to a stop on the crest of a hill and looked over the ranch – the sweet smell of Marlboro smoke wafting through the air. Looking out across the strong grass and Mesquite trees, John turned to his grandson and said, “why would I need to go to church? This is heaven right here.”
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A simple moment
For young Hobbs, it was a perfect moment. A moment of connection with his grandfather, with the land, with the world around him, and his place within it. This core memory imprinted a deep sense of peace and connection on him that has stayed with him his whole life.

After some decades and a lot of living, Hobbs and his wife Susana decided to uproot from their successful cattle operation in Oregon and return home to Texas, to start over.
They were on a mission to reconnect and to rebuild – for their young children, for their family and for a simple purpose. To create a little slice of heaven, in Deep East Texas.

It’s that sense of connection that lies at the heart of the business. Fire & Salt aren’t just purveyors of good beef. We’re purveyors of connection.
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As founders
Hobbs and Susana work hard to keep things simple. When Hobbs has his nose in the soil, Susana has her eyes on the prize. And when Hobbs has his head in the clouds, Susana has her feet on the ground. They go together like fire and salt.
Feel Good
Modern Texans want to feel proud of their food and where it comes from. They want quality beef, without mistreating cows or the environment. Let’s be honest: it’s easy to have beef with the beef industry. The industry is bad news for the environment. It’s bad news for cows. It might even be bad news for people — it’s hard to trust what’s on the shelf or under the label. All that’s enough to leave people feeling disconnected from their food.
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That’s where Fire & Salt comes in.
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Souls Fed
We do great tasting, quality beef, farmed in a way that’s kind to cows and good for the land, because everyone deserves a little tenderness (cows and mama nature too). We help people feel connected to their food, to the animal that provides it and the people who raise it. In this way our community has their souls fed, not just their stomachs.
Moments to Savor
Good food has a way of connecting people to all the other things that really matter too. It brings people together and gives the gift of shared experience. It flavors the moment and wakes up the senses. It gives people a deeper sense of connection to the world around them and their place within it. It has the power to create heaven right here.
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Fire. Salt. Done.
That’s why we’re called Fire & Salt (besides making beef so good all you need is fire and salt). Because we want to give people a taste of what it feels like to reconnect. Flavor invites people in. Simple makes them feel at home. Like the welcoming warmth of a flickering campfire under the stars: it’s just life, inviting you in. Here’s to you. To friends and family. To flavor and to simplicity. To connection. To heaven right here.