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Fire & Salt steaks are DELICIOUS! There was so much flavor. There was just more ‘music’ happening in my mouth than a regular steak. My dad took us to a high end steakhouse in Dallas. The steak didn’t have near the flavor yours did.


I grew up in rural Mexico where all the meat was fresh and organic. Fire & Salt's beef is the closest resemblance to the meat I was accustomed to growing up. As I was preparing my authentic Mexican dish, I noticed the beef had the deep red color and soft texture that I used to eat when I was a child.


Outrageous quality and taste. What am I eating!? Have I actually eaten beef before!? People think you’re an amazing cook! (But it’s not me, it’s the beef!) It tastes seasoned, without the seasoning.


You're the real deal! Raving reviews from our whole family on these amazing tenderloins! I'm impressed. My wife normally doesn't love steak, but said it was the best she's ever had! Thank you for all the love and hard work you put into your profession!!


First time I've ever done anything like this and I'm a VERY picky eater. I bought a share simply because of the way the animals are treated and was not expecting too much in terms of the quality of the product. Boy was I surprised! The beef is extraordinary from the flavor to the packaging. I will be a consumer for life!


It’s literally the best beef I’ve ever had. It’s shocking! It still blows our minds, even after all these years. You can taste the vitality of the animal... that it lived a great life.


I don’t enjoy beef anywhere else. If you’re going to eat a steak, eat a 10!


Beef That Kicks Grass

Great-tasting, healthy beef — farmed in a way that’s kind to cows and good for the land

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Never finished on
processed grain
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Flavorful, nutrient-
dense beef
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Happy cows, living
their best life
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Regenerative land
Taste the Simple Life
Our cows live happy lives eating butter-soft grass on regeneratively-managed Texas soil. The way we farm not only respects the cow, but it also regenerates the land: it even puts carbon back into the soil. That makes for biodiverse forage and a healthier landscape, which makes for nutritious beef and better flavor. And did you know the happier the cow and the healthier the land the better the flavor?
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Feel good about what you eat with a flavor that tastes like heaven and melts like butter.
Quality for the cow Image
Raised and finished on an array of plant species, cows live longer, healthier lives.
Quality for the environment Image
Pulls carbon from the atmosphere and creates new, healthy topsoil.
Care for the soil, care for the soul

We believe in reconnecting people with their food and where it comes from so they get their souls fed not just their stomachs. We not only appreciate and respect our cattle — we admire them. The cows get to live their best life, the land breathes and flourishes, and the steaks melt like butter and taste like heaven. Healthy, happy cows living and grazing on healthy land doesn’t just mean we’re doing the job that needs doing; it means our beef is ‘oh my god, what am I eating!?’ beef.

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Our #1 priority here at Fire & Salt is your happiness. 
We stand by our products 100% no matter what. If you have a problem, we will solve it. Just reach out to our team. We’ll make it right.

Tastes like heaven melts like butter

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