The Grass-Finished Beef Made for Texas Summers

Did you know that the record high temperature in Aberdeen, Scotland, is 86°F? But what does that have to do with the beef we offer at Fire & Salt? It turns out that it plays a crucial role in our unique ranching practices.

Superior Texas Beef

When it comes to cattle breeds, Angus takes the crown as the most popular breed in the United States. However, here's what sets us apart: Angus originated in Aberdeen, Scotland, where the weather is far from the scorching heat of Texas. So naturally, we needed a breed that could handle the Texas summers like a champ. That's where the remarkable Mashona breed comes in.

At Fire & Salt, we're all about using bulls adapted to high temperatures, specifically the resilient Mashona breed, to create cattle that are perfectly suited to our unique Texas ecology. The result? A more resilient and heat-tolerant animal that thrives in our Texas summers, bringing you beef that's truly exceptional.

Reshaping Ranching Practices

Imagine this scene: It's a blazing hot day, with temperatures soaring up to 100°F and humidity at 50%. Yet, our new Mashona cross calves are calmly standing in the sun, at ease even when there is access to shade. You won't see this with conventional cows. They'd be seeking shelter or cooling off in a pond. But our approach is different.

We want our cattle out, enjoying the summer while the grass grows at its fastest rate. While traditional ranchers focus on bulking up their cattle during short spring periods and rely on outside feed during winter, we choose to work in harmony with nature. Summer is when nature provides some of the most nourishing forage, and we believe it's essential to have cattle that can thrive during this season.

By raising cattle that flourish in our Texas summers, we not only improve their quality of life but also enhance the land more efficiently. It's a win-win situation that results in a superior beef product for you to savor.

Your Path to Remarkable Beef Flavor

Join our waitlist today, and be among the first to indulge in the irresistible flavors of our grass-finished and Texas-grown beef.

By choosing Fire & Salt, you're not just getting beef; you're getting a culinary experience crafted with passion, expertise, and respect for nature. Our commitment to using heat-tolerant breeds and allowing our cattle to thrive in the Texas heat results in beef that surpasses all expectations.